12 ChatGPT Prompts For Leaders And Managers In 2024


It’s the workplace revolution of the decade. AI is disrupting industries and workforces globally, and enabling us to realize our career potential like never before . The year 2023 was a major experiment that showed many of us who experimented with this new technology, what we’re capable of when we work at our best. AI in the workplace has been proven to produce more quality work, uncover deeper insights, and unlock more creativity.

If you’re in a leadership or management role, you have an enormous opportunity at your fingertips. You can harness the power of artificial intelligence, wisely applying it to various areas of your work, and champion its use within your team. This will help boost revenue, job satisfaction, and customer experiences.

For your own role alone, there is a plethora of AI tools readily available to you, but out of all of them, you might be most familiar with ChatGPT, since it popularized generative AI over a year ago.

To get the most benefit from your use of ChatGPT for work, here are 12 prompts you can input into the bot:


  1. [Describe the situation.] Provide a costs benefits analysis for what the impact of this decision might be, and provide some suggestions.
  2. I am proposing [name of decision] to [team or other type of stakeholder]. What might be some potential objections to this decision and how can I address them?


  1. I am currently facing [name of challenge] in my department. I have already tried/considered [your solution]. Give me five ideas to address [name of challenge] that are unique and different to what I have already done.
  2. Suggest some team brainstorming activities for a hybrid team meeting.


  1. Suggest some open-ended questions I can use to encourage my team members to express their feedback and ideas on [name of topic].
  2. I would like to propose a meeting to address [name of issue]. [Job titles] will be present. Generate a meeting agenda with ample time for each attendee to participate and share their thoughts and questions in a discussion.

Employee Performance

  1. List some positive aspects of my employee’s performance that I can acknowledge before discussing and addressing areas for improvement.
  2. My employee’s strengths are in [list strengths]. What role would be best for her to transition to within the company?

Stakeholder Relations

  1. Our business provides [what you provide] to [name of target market]. Provide an extensive list of all our stakeholders.
  2. Suggest 10 ways I can obtain stakeholder feedback for [name of project]. (You can take this a step further and be more specific with what stakeholder, for example, customer feedback, or supplier/partner feedback)


  1. I’m launching an initiative that will [end goal and purpose]. Provide me with a list of KPIs and short term goals for [job titles of team members who will be involved].
  2. Suggest how I can help an employee break down their performance goal of [name of goal] into manageable deliverables that can be achieved within [timeframe].

Including these ChatGPT prompts into your leadership toolkit will dramatically ease the process of solving internal conflicts, managing team members’ performance, and driving your organization forward to be an innovative industry leader. Now it’s up to you to try the prompts listed above and experiment with some of your own. Which prompts will you choose?


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