Job vacancy positions of Multimedia Senior Engineer at Rwanda Education Board (REB) Deadline: Jan 23,2024


Job vacancy positions of Multimedia Senior Engineer at Rwanda Education Board 

Exams to be conducted

Reports To
Multimedia Production Studio Project Manager

Job responsibilities

 Coordinate and plan for the installation, maintenance, and operation of broadcast studio equipment and facilities;

 Supervise work performed on closed-circuit panels to ensure the safety and proper operation of the studio equipment;

 Instruct other staff on how to handle and operate studio production and delivery equipment carefully and safely;

 Responsible for solving any technical problems that occur with the equipment and work with other technical specialists to make alterations or fix the problem;

 Responsible for instructing and coordinating Camerapersons, IT support officer and Studio technician;  Responsible of meeting the deadline of all production work;

 Work closely with Senior Producer in all processes;

 Coordinate all field visit together with the Senior Producer,

 Perform any other duties assigned by direct supervisor.

Minimum qualifications

  • 1Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering5 Years of relevant experience
  • 2Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering3 Years of relevant experience
  • 3Master of Science in Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications3 Years of relevant experience
  • 4Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering3 Years of relevant experience
  • 5Broadcasting Technology3 Years of relevant experience
  • 6Broadcasting Engineering3 Years of relevant experience
  • 7Broadcasting Technology5 Years of relevant experience
  • 8Broadcasting Engineering5 Years of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills

  • 1Integrity
  • 2Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.
  • 3Digital literacy skills
  • 4Verbal and written communication skills
  • 5Mastering of design and editing tools (Adobe Creative Suite, Avid, Final Cut) and relevant sound editing software
  • 6Demonstrated experience in factual journalism, film or television production;
  • 7Knowledge in Multimedia design, Digital media development and Interactive computing;
  • 8Deep expertise in design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe PDF and Adobe Flash;



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