Job vacancy positions of Kinyarwanda Producer at Rwanda Education Board (REB) Deadline: Jan 23,2024


Job vacancy positions of Kinyarwanda Producer at Rwanda Education Board (REB)

Exams to be conducted

Reports To
Multimedia Production Studio Project Manager

Job responsibilities

• Produce at least one local program, 2 times in a week;

• Write scripts to be submitted in the production meeting for discussion;

• Work with cameramen to shoot programs;

• Edit or work with senior producer for final editing of his/her shows;

• Direct and/or Present live broadcasts;

• Drawing up shooting schedules;

• Advise the in charge of Production on new programs or updates of current programs;

• Ensure that all legal requirements of live broadcasts production are closely observed;

• Streamline the talk show to meet target audience’s expectations;

• Perform live talk show programs basing on the guideline of the supervisor;

• Generating and implementing creative ideas and techniques for improving quality of Multimedia production studio content;

• Perform any other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Minimum qualifications

  • 1Bachelor’s Degree in Communication5 Years of relevant experience
  • 2Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism5 Years of relevant experience
  • 3Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations5 Years of relevant experience
  • 4Arts in Mass Media and Communication5 Years of relevant experience
  • 5Mass Communication5 Years of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills

  • 1Integrity
  • 2Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.
  • 3Accountability
  • 4Communication
  • 5Teamwork
  • 6Analytical skills
  • 7Problem solving skills
  • 8Knowledge and understanding of the Rwanda Education Sector
  • 9Knowledge of online communication tools with special emphasis in audiovisual production and dissemination
  • 10Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • 11Mature and fluency in Kinyarwanda

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