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TitleIDLocationJob Type
Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Specialist11313Hungary, BudapestTemporary
Project Manager P4 Social Protection- Mozambique11382Mozambique, MaputoDevelopment Cooperation
Technical Actuarial Officer in Social Protection – P311386Switzerland, GenevaTemporary
Policy specialist, Just Transitions – P411390Switzerland, GenevaTemporary
Sr. Procurement Assistant11354Bangladesh, DhakaDevelopment Cooperation
National Project Finance Officer- NOA (DC)11362Bosnia and Herzegovina, SarajevoDevelopment Cooperation
Finance and Administrative Assistant11383Switzerland, GenevaTemporary
Asistente(a) de planificación de espacios11368Switzerland, GenevaLocal
Assistant(e) en aménagement de l’espace11368Switzerland, GenevaLocal
Workspace Planning Assistant11368Switzerland, GenevaLocal
Finance and Administrative Assistant11318Pakistan, KarachiDevelopment Cooperation
Finance and Administrative Assistant11317Pakistan, IslamabadDevelopment Cooperation
Finance Assistant – G4 (DC)11363Bosnia and Herzegovina, SarajevoDevelopment Cooperation
Project Manager11365Jordan, AmmanDevelopment Cooperation
Senior Administrator11364Switzerland, GenevaTemporary
Operations Assistant11357Lebanon, BeirutLocal
Coordinateur National de Projet11342Tunisia, NabeulCoopération pour le développement
Funcionario(a) en instituciones del mercado de trabajo inclusivo11360Argentina, Buenos AiresTemporal
Officer in Inclusive Labour Market Institutions11360Argentina, Buenos AiresTemporary
Chief of Policy and Social Benefits Branch, HRD11361Switzerland, GenevaInternational


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View all job opportunities at the ILO

Browse the list of all vacancies below, or search for specific vacancies by location or keyword using the search bar.

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TitleIDLocationJob Type
Secretary – G4 (DC)11283Switzerland, GenevaDevelopment Cooperation
Secretario/a – G4 (DC)11283Switzerland, GenevaCooperación para el desarrollo
Secrétaire – G4 (DC)11283Switzerland, GenevaCoopération pour le développement
Deputy Director11359Switzerland, GenevaInternational
Administrative Assistant, Migrant Advocacy for Rights11344Thailand, BangkokDevelopment Cooperation
National Project Coordinator, Migrant Advocacy for Rights11343Thailand, BangkokDevelopment Cooperation
National Project Officer – GTEX11348Lesotho, MaseruDevelopment Cooperation
National Project Officer – SCORE11349Lesotho, MaseruDevelopment Cooperation
Project Manager P411350Lesotho, MaseruDevelopment Cooperation
Senior Programme Officer – Private Sector11352Bangladesh, DhakaDevelopment Cooperation
Coordinateur national de Projet11326Morocco, RabatCoopération pour le développement
Project Junior Officer11356Switzerland, GenevaDevelopment Cooperation
Coordinador Nacional de Proyecto – NOA (DC)11323El Salvador, San SalvadorCooperación para el desarrollo
Coordinador/a Nacional de Proyecto – NOA (DC)11345Peru, LimaCooperación para el desarrollo
Rural Development TVET Officer (P3)11330Timor-Leste, DiliDevelopment Cooperation
Senior Programme Officer – Occupational Safety and Health (Fire/Chemical focus)11255Bangladesh, ChittagongDevelopment Cooperation
Senior Programme Officer – Communications11252Bangladesh, DhakaDevelopment Cooperation
Human Resources Assistant11328Thailand, BangkokLocal
Roster for Consultant Web Content Editors11325Switzerland, GenevaConsultancy
Database and Middleware Administrator11303Switzerland, GenevaInternational