Job offers of English Instructor at Rwanda TVET Board (Deadline: Apr 17, 2023)


English Instructor at Rwanda TVET Board

Job Description

  1. Based on English curriculum, design practical lessons to teach students English language with strong competencies in written and oral communication as well as professional skills.
  2. Design innovative approaches and techniques to train students in English language, preparing students with strong English language mastery, competence to undertake and pass any relevant English international certifications at the end of 3 years graduation course.
  3. Perform research in order to look for technical and scientific terms in English for students involved in programming based on their study needs.
  4. Design and execute evaluation methodologies to assess students’ competencies at all course levels in accordance to the English curriculum.
  5. Motivate students in learning of English language for both study and work purposes;
  6. Nurture students to grow with Rwandan good cultural values, strong aptitude traits for future responsible citizens.
  7. Undertake any other job-related duties, all geared towards prepare students for the market absorption and the school development at large.
  8. Prepare English lessons and deliver them in a competence based manner.
  9. Take additional training on a regular basis in order to further develop teaching skills.
  10. Be responsible for any other school related duties as will be assigned by the RWANDA TVET BOARD.

  • Minimum Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s Degree in English7 Years of relevant experience
    • Master’s Degree in English Liquistic6 Years of relevant experience
    • Master’s Degree in English6 Years of relevant experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree in English Liguistic7 Years of relevant experience
    Competency and Key Technical Skills
    • Integrity
    • Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.
    • Inclusiveness
    • Accountability
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Client/citizen focus
    • Professionalism
    • Commitment to continuous learning
    • Must be ethical with good moral values, tolerant, clear understanding of pedagogy teaching proficiencies, ready to nurture high-school students into responsible citizens
    • A0 in English, English Linguistics with 7 years of working experience and 5 years of working as a teacher and researcher
    • Instructor must prove to have extensive trainings in English Language Teaching using technology
    • Clear understanding of English international certifications

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