REB starts to train 1,664 of Pre-Primary and Primary teachers Training which will be focusing on best method of Teaching through Play


To day In 30 districts, with support of World Bank, REB is training 1,664 Pre-Primary teachers. Training is focusing on best method of Teaching through Play, using the delivered materials. Teachers are also being trained on how to make their own teaching materials

TUYIZERE Emmanuel, a Pre-Primary teachers from EP Mbuye says: We learned everything from TTC (Teacher Training College) but these trainers are sharpening our brains. We thank REB for thinking about us. If a teacher is empowered, a student will be the beneficiary

ISHIMWE Honorine, a Pre-Primary teacher from EP Mubuga says:Through this training, I am learning how to associate myself with kids; I am even learning on how to love kids; and learning to make our own teaching materials is something very crucial in education

With the support of World Bank, REB continues the training of 1300 STEM teachers in upper Primary and lower secondary from 30 districts on CPD-ITMS ( Continuous Professional Development- Innovative Teaching Method for Mathematics and Science

NSHIMIYIMANA Cléstin,a teacher from GS Ruhuha in

Bugesera District says: I have learned how to integrate assimilations & animations in lesson plan. We also opened our eyes on how we can conduct the evaluation process using evaluation tools like Plickers and showmeBoard

Musengimana Sylvain, teachers from GS Rushubi in

Bugesera District says: ICT is wide &dynamic, as teachers, we need to keep upgrading ourselves, thanks to REB for this training, and it is becoming a hub of Math.&Science teachers where we are able to share our experiences .In this week,trainees are being trained on ICT(e-learning,e-resources &scripted lessons). They will also be trained on Innovative Pedagogy; Content Based training in :Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & SET; labo. Experiments on each lesson in the coming weeks


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