UR: Basic Information that any Applicant must Complete for doing Successful Online Application 2023/2024


UR: Basic Information that any Applicant must Complete

STEP 1: Please complete your Personal Information as requested below

Use the calendar button provided to select a date in the appropriate format All fields indicated with * must be completed

STEP 2: Submit your Personal Inofrmation by clicking the ‘Save’ button or click the ‘Clear Form’ button to clear the inserted values.

Title: *
Surname (e.g. GASANA):*
Other Names (Ange Marie / Bosco):*
Date of Birth (DD-MON-YYYY) e.g. 20-MAR-1997:
Gender:Male Female
Marital Status: Single Married Divorced Widow/er — Please Select — *
E-Mail address:*
Mobile Phone Number:*
Nationality: *
Country of Residence: *
Father names:*
Mother names:*
Guardian/ Next of kin:*
Next of Kin Phone Number:
Previous Education: 
Qualification Obtained: 
Year of Completion (YYYYMM) eg : 201611,201301:*
S.6 Index Number eg. 0991048BCG963(Required for Undergraduate applicants only):
National ID Number:*
Passport Number (For Foreign students):
Postal Address (Please use PO BOX 4285 Kigali-Rwanda as default):*
Cell (Akagari):
Sector (Umurenge):
District (Akarere):


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