Twitter User Guide: Guidelines of using Twitter and 7 things to do first on Twitter


Twitter User Guide: Guidelines of using Twitter and 7 things to do first on Twitter

1. Set up your profile

Already signed up? Great. Let’s start with your profile to showcase you and what you’re into.

Make sure you have:

  • A unique @handle to help others find or mention you
  • A profile photo to show who you are
  • A short bio to show what you’re interested in
An example Twitter profile with a bio that reads “Writer. Traveler. Pop culture lover.”

Learn more about how to create the perfect profile.

2. Follow at least 10 people

When you’ve set up your profile, find accounts to follow so you can fill up your timeline.

Search for people you’re interested in to find their handles, then go to their profiles to check out what they’re about. Like the Tweets you see? Then tap that follow button.

An example of the follow button: a white pill-shaped button with the word Follow written in blue

Get the rundown about following accounts.

3. Follow at least 3 Topics

Follow Topics in addition to your favorite accounts to fill your timeline with Tweets about what you love. Celebrities, sports, hobbies – you name it, chances are there’s a Topic for it.

The Topics page on the Twitter mobile app

Get all the details on Topics.

4. Visit Explore

Check out the Explore tab and find what’s trending in your area and around the world. The more you Explore, the more personalized the tab gets.

Check out everything you need to know about Explore.

5. Like a Tweet

As you follow accounts and Topics, you’ll see Tweets add to your timeline. Like what you see? Then tap the small heart icon under a Tweet to show your support.

Likes are a quick and easy way to add yourself to the conversation on Twitter. Give it a try!

An example Tweet that reads, “Pineapple on pizza. Bliss or abomination?”

All about how to like.

6. Download the app

Pick up where you left off. Be on the go with Twitter – download the app on iOS or Android.

No matter where you are, see what’s happening, join the conversation, and watch live events.

Logos for Android and Apple

Learn all about the Twitter app.

7. Turn on push notifications

Turn on push notifications to make sure you never miss a thing – from the latest news to the things you care about most.

Learn more about notifications.


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