How is Ejo Heza different from the RSSB Pension Scheme?


How is Ejo Heza different from the RSSB Pension Scheme?

Ejo Heza is a voluntary, government-sponsored scheme available to all the citizens of Rwanda. Anyone working in the formal or informal sector, either self-employed or working for someone else, can join the scheme. The RSSB pension Scheme on the other hand is compulsory and is only available to those who are employed in public or private sector enterprises. Ejo Heza is a defined contribution scheme whereas the RSSB pension scheme is a defined benefit scheme. Members in Ejo Heza will start receiving their monthly pension at 55 years of age whereas members in RSSB start receiving their monthly pension at 65 years or at early retirement of 60. RSSB contributions are a pre-defined percentage of salary and are deducted and remitted on a monthly basis. Ejo Heza members can decide how much they want to contribute and are also permitted to make contributions anytime (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) as per their choice.Why should a person who is already an RSSB Pension Scheme member also open an Ejo Heza account?

Today, most people live for around 20 years after they are old (retirement age). So you should save as much as you can while you are working to ensure that you have enough savings to last you for at least 20 years of expenses when you retire. So even if you are already saving in the RSSB pension scheme, putting aside some additional savings into your Ejo Heza account will ensure that you have sufficient savings for a secure and dignified retirement and do not need to depend on others when you are old. Saving with Ejo Heza will also help you to accumulate savings for your other needs like children’s education or housingHow can I open an Ejo Heza account for my children aged less than 16 years?

To open your child’s Ejo Heza account, you will need to personally visit an authorized Ejo Heza service provider with your child, submit your child’s temporary ID issued by NIDA and link your child’s Ejo Heza account to your own national ID number.Are there any special benefits or incentives from the Government for Ejo Heza members?

How can I open my Ejo Heza account and pay my contributions?

our EjoHeza account will be linked to your permanent national Identity Card (NID) number. Your national ID number will remain your unique link to your Ejo eza account for the rest of your life. Your EjoHeza account and your savings will always remain in your name even if you change your job or your home over time. If you are an adult and have a permanent national ID issued by NIDA, you can open your Ejo Heza account free of cost using your own mobile phone by simply dialing *506# for MTN Rwanda and Airtel-Tigo and by following the simple prompts for registration and payment of contributions. You can also open your own EjoHeza account free of cost using a web browser on a smart phone or a computer by visiting EjoHeza, clicking the “Register Now” button and following the simple prompts.

Who can open an Ejo Heza account?

Any Rwandan citizen with a national ID issued by NIDA and any foreigner residing in Rwanda has the right to voluntarily open an Ejo Heza account. Members of the RSSB Pension Scheme or other voluntary schemes can also voluntarily open an Ejo Heza account to save additionally for their old age.


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