Chemistry: Oxygen and its properties


Preparation and test of oxygen gas

Preparation and test of oxygen gas

i)Learning objective:

At the end of this lesson learners will be able to:

–          Identify needed physical materials to prepare oxygen.

–          Chemical products needed to prepare and test Oxygen.

–          prepare and test oxygen effectively.

  Description of teaching and learning activity.

 In The ICT laboratory learners using their laptops, plotting soft material and chemical, will be able to conduct an experiment of preparation and test of Oxygen efficiently.

     STEP I: This activity starts by asking the following questions to learners.

•      Question 1: State the components of air by percentage composition.

•      Question 2: What is the active part of air.

•      STEP II: This step is conducted by showing a video explaining the industrial preparation of Oxygen.


A.    Materials:

·         flat bottomed flask

·         thistle funnel

·         Gas jar

·          4 gas jars and covers.

·         Trough

B.      Chemicals

ü  Hydrogen peroxide solution

ü  Manganese (IV) Oxide

ü  Water

1. Set up the apparatus and the chemical as shown in the figure below. Fill the gas jar completely with water.

•      Open the tapped funnel to drop hydrogen peroxide into the flask.

•       what do you observe in the flask?

•      What about the trough and the gas jars?

•      Collect the gas jar of oxygen gas. Keep it for testing for oxygen and investigating its properties.

Practice: For practice on Virtual LAB follow the below link to prepare and test Gas.

Results and conclusion

•      Manganese (IV) oxide, catalysis the reaction of breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen according to the equation:

          2H2O2(l)  2H2(l) + O2(l)

 Hence bubbles of colorless gas in the flask. Oxygen then follows the delivery tube into the trough which again observed as bubbles. Then it displaces water in the gas jar downward as it collects in the gas jar.


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